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We Truly Care!

On August 16th, 2012 Executive Vice President. Michael Maiore announced the opening of a brand new Driver's Lounge area at the Bloomsburg, PA Operations and Corporate Center. The day was celebrated by a ribbon cutting and BBQ. The new lounge area includes a TV lounge, laptop lounge, a gym, a quiet room, a café, new male and female showers and restrooms. The new areas feature giant flat screen TV's, commercial gym equipment, great comfortable leather furniture, a computer for driver use, a café prep and seating area, books, games and other fun furnishings. Earlier this year our driver managers were moved to a new remodeled operations area, freeing up a portion of the new driver's lounge area. We are truly excited that we can now offer our operations folks and our driver's a great environment in Bloomsburg.

At Metropolitan we define our family owned company by the motto "we truly care"!! In an environment where trucking companies may say a lot of things about the kind of company they are, and how they treat drivers we truly believe what we say. We "truly" care. We care about our people. We've been around as a company for over 80 years now and while the company is now third generation there is one consistent thing that has never changed. While companies may struggle in hard times, we realize that it is our people who carry us through tough times. It's our drivers and all our employees who support our drivers who carry our company and make the organization who we are. Joe Mangino Jr. our owner and President along with our entire senior management team recognize the importance of our drivers and employees who support them. People here truly care about each other and that's what makes our company a great place to work. While things may not always go perfectly no matter where you work, here at Metro you can always count on someone being there to help you and make it right, because we all care enough to be concerned for each other.

Maiore states, this project was a fun project because it allowed us one more way to show our drivers we care. We know that no one wants to sit or wait anywhere but when drivers are in Bloomsburg to visit with a driver manager, safety, for equipment maintenance, or just stopping to visit one of our offices, it was important to us to be able to provide the very best we could for them. They deserve it for their sacrifices. If a driver has to wait, we want them comfortable. We understand what a driver gives up to keep America moving. Short home and family time is a big sacrifice so we want drivers to know how much we appreciate their contribution.

Metropolitan hires the best drivers in the industry and we are committed to providing the best equipment for them to drive and the best facilities for them to enjoy. This new driver's lounge is just the most recent step we are taking. One thing I always say: "you can't fake caring". That's what makes Metro different. Other companies can't just "copy" what we do. That's because it's all about our culture. A culture of caring. We "truly" care. You can't fake that.

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